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Privacy Feedback

9/29/04 - Firmware version 1.46.02 available

Sorry that I haven't been keeping up with the firmware updates. The latest version for the BEFSR11 and 41 routers are 1.46.02, and there's been a few changes since 1.45.6. Jump to firmware.

8/22/03 - Problems with FW 1.45.6

People have been reporting severe problems with version 1.45.6 of the firmware. Check out this URL for more info: http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/7779&mode=feedback

2/23/03 - SPI update

Someone e-mail'ed me (without a valid return address no less) regarding SPI. So, I'll try to clarify this a little. According to the Linksys Version information (available here), SPI was removed from the firmware for the BEFSR41 model in version 1.43 "for stability". That means, if you're running a newer version (and you probably should, since there's been some security fixes in newer versions), there is no SPI. Whether older versions could or could not forward ports with SPI enable is therefore moot. 

If any wishes to e-mail me (webmaster@hansenonline.net), feel free to do so, but any messages without a valid return address will be ignored.

1/5/03 - Firmware updates.

Finally got around to added the last couple of firmware updates. The new updates are 1.43.3, 1.44 and 1.44.2.  jump to firmware.

10/27/02 - Firmware 1.43 available.

Been a few days since the release, but here's the new firmware. SPI appears to have been removed, and they've added some features for AOL subscribers. Also, there's the option to disable UPnP (Finally!). Please check the ver.txt file before installing the firmware. jump to firmware.

5/13/02 - Firmware 1.42.7 available. 

According to the ver.txt file, there really isn't much new here... They disabled a keepalive feature where the router would ping the DHCP server every two minutes. There are no other documented changes.

3/26/02 - Firmware 1.42.6 available.

A minor update. They've fixed the traceroute issue (see below), and also some issues with the DHCP server. Also some design changes on the Port Forwarding screen, but nothing major. Again, they seem to have difficulty with standard HTML, as the setup page does not look right using Netscape 4.7x

2/21/02 - Firmware 1.42.3 available. 

A little late, but still... Traceroute doesn't seem to work with this version of the firmware. If this is an issue for you, then consider waiting for the next release. Jump to firmware.

2/1/02 - Update on Wall Watcher. 

Just got word from the author of Wall Watcher. The new URL for this handy utility is: www.wallwatcher.com.

11/19/01 - Firmware 1.40.2 available.

Looks like they fixed the ugly HTML problem from 1.40.1. Biggest change is a fix to the DHCP server and that sometimes, the router didn't require a password to get to the management interface. Jump to Firmware.

9/29/01 - Firmware 1.40.1 available.

Doesn't seem to be much new other than some integration with ZoneAlarm and some anti-virus software. Also the management pages looks really bad in Netscape, but they are fine in Internet Explorer...

Note that the documentation states that your setting will be reset after the firmware upgrade. This did not happen to me. All my settings remained as they were before the upgrade. However, it's still a good idea to write your settings down before the upgrade, just in case...

6/28/01 - Firmware 1.39 available.

According to the ver.txt file, there isn't too many changes in 1.39. Support for fragmented packet passthrough, support for MSN Messenger, IKE VPN and faster throughput speed. Jump to Firmware

5/19/01 - Beta turns Gold. 

1.38.5 is now upgraded from Beta to release version. Port forwarding still doesn't work with SPI enabled. 

5/2/01 - Beta Firmware 1.38.5 available.

I decided to update to 1.38.5 on my router, and to avoid being hypocritical, I'm also posting it here. It is beta, there may be issues with it; apply at your own risk. It also comes with new version of the update software.

4/28/01 Wall Watcher log utility.

There's a handy program for logging the activity on your Linksys router. The name of the program is Wall Watcher, and it can be downloaded from www.wallwatcher.com. I've only tested it for a little bit, but it has a number of handy features such a enable/disable name lookups, view incoming/outgoing/both directions and even the ability to ignore certain IP addresses. Go and check it out.

2/26/01 Updated Linkys bug page. 

The Bug page now includes a table showing all the traffic that I've over the last hour or so (time of writing: 7:30PM EST). This should illustrate the problem that exists with all versions of the 1.37 firmware.

Version Archive Bin
1.30 befsr_v130.exe fw130.bin
1.33.1 befsr_v1331.exe fw1331.bin
1.34 befsr_v134.zip fw134.bin
1.35 befsr135.zip fw135.bin
1.36 befsr136.zip fw136.bin
1.36T4(beta) N/A 136t4.bin
1.37 befsr137.zip fw137.bin
1.37.1(j) *1 br1371j1.zip fw137j.bin
1.38.5 (Beta)*2 befsr138_5.zip 1.38.5.bin
1.39 befsr-1-39.zip fw139.bin
1.40.1 befsr-fw1401.zip befsr41_1-40-1_0910.bin
1.40.2 befsr-fw1402.zip befsr-fw1402.bin
1.42.3 befsr-fw1423.zip fw1423.bin
1.42.6 befrs-fw1426.zip fw1426.bin
1.42.7 befsr-fw1427.zip fw1427.bin
1.43 befrs-fw143.zip fw143.bin
1.43.3 befsr-fw-1433.zip fw1433.bin
1.44 befsr-fw-144.zip fw144.bin
1.44.2 befsr-fw-1442.zip fw1442.bin
1.46.2 befsr41-1.46.02.zip befsr-v1.16.02.bin

Other Files and Information:

The LogViewer allows you to view the access logs on the Linksys router. In the later revisions of the firmware, there a Log page in the Advanced section. If you enable logging, and set the IP address to a real LAN IP address, it will send the events to the LogViewer program (via snmp). It's only moderately useful, as it only logs actual traffic, and not blocked traffic.

*1 This is the Japanese version of the firmware. I have not tested this, but from what I have read, it does fix a couple of things with DHCP and PPPoE.

*2 This is a Beta version of the Firmware. Apply at your own risk. Also note: Enabling SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) will break the Port Forwarding feature.


1999, 2000, 2001 Lars M. Hansen