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  Braking before the Berkwerk curve.  
  Z4 accelerating out of the Bergwerk curve.  
  Z4 coming into the Karussell curve.  
  Z4 passing the 20KM mark on Nurburgring.  
  Z4 sliding through the "schikane" just before the pit entrance.  
  Aston Martin DB9 going through Hatzenbach.  
  Aston Martin DB9, still at Hatzenbach.  
  Aston Martin DB9 in the grass at Metzgesfeld.  
  Aston Martin DB9 zooming along between Kesselchen and Angst Kurve.  
  Aston Martin DB9 going 100+MPH through Angst Kurve.  
  Ouch! Aston Martin DB9 coming sideways out of Kleiner Karussell.  
  Vertical Audi R8 Race car  
  Jet fly-by at the opening of the Sarthe 24 hour race.  
  Mazda 787B Race Car with jets flying over at opening of Sarthe 24 hour race.  
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